As far as I can determine the flight takes about 3h30. I have seen that the last couple of days the flight has left around 4hours late, yes FOUR, this would mean

We might have to kill a lot of time at the airport in Gatwick,

We would only get to Vounaki, our 1st port, after 7 at night,

We would tired and gatvol by then.

Possible delays for flight to Preveza

So lets hope this is not the case.

Important they say we can only take 20kg baggage, not sure if they weigh hand luggage, will try and find out. Plan on it however as it might become expensive to take extra weight.

Pack only what will be needed!!!

They say meal is included on flight but normally these airline meals are not up to standard.

Who knows what we will get? Chicken or Beef

Flight takes us over France, Switzerland and over Adriatic Sea

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick to Preveza