As we are staying a few days in the UK first, we can take whatever we want there in whatever we want. We must plan however to leave the hardshell suitcases in the Uk. Remember the space on the yacht is minimal and we should take all our stuff to Greece in soft bags, like kitbags, which can be stowed easily on the yacht.

It seems that not every port will have 220v power available, so do not plan to have lots of things that must be charged everyday. There is 12v on the yacht, I do not think we would be able to charge anything of it unless it is during time that we have engine running. so overnight charging if there is no 220v would not be possible.


It should be nice and warm during the day, but I think it would be wise to take a warm jacket as well, for when it is windy or at night.

Towels would probably be good idea, something like 2 each, there is laundry places at each nights stop.

Mask & Snorkel, as I think we would be swimming a lot and the water is really clear. Fins really optional as you would not have to go deep or far.

Surely the Girls will have more feminine ones

Hat for sun is really important.

I am not sure how expensive or available sunscreen would be there. Should be in shops I would think but at what cost I am not sure. I plan to take 2 tubes and then get the rest there as we go along. On this subject, I think we must all try and get some sun before we get there, so that our skins are a little used to sun and we do not end up being burned on the 1st day.

Get some sun before we go and avoid looking like this

Shoes, I am taking plakkies and 1 pair tekkies for walking, evenings etc. This is items that just take up space and I do not think you will be wearing shoes a lot. Up to your own judgement.

Important to remember that storage space is minimal and all personal items, such as clothing must be store in your sleeping area. I am not sure how much space there is in each bunk area for this, plan on it not being much is probably as clever move.

This would be difficult to stow on the yacht

and this sort of bag could be forced in somewhere

I can not think of anything to add more on clothing right now, please add comments freely.

Games :

2 packs of cards and we can get a lot of small change from a bank there, then poker is sorted. Anybody volunteering to take some cards for us. If there is any other games that can be taken, I think it would be good idea. This is up to you guys. We are spending a lot of time on the boat. Lets just coordinate taking games so that we do not end up duplicating stuff.

Books :

I am not sure if you would be able to get books in English freely available in Greece, so definitely we must take some reading material each. We can always swop as well.

English not readily available !!

Booze :

Again I am not sure what will be available in shops but surely there will be. At what cost, ??  If we each take a bottle of something, I am sure it would be a great start. As we all have different taste, it is up to yourself. Normally customs allow you at least 750ml in with no duty to pay. might charge you if you take more than that. It will also quickly add onto your weight.

I will be taking one of these, that is for sure.