Now we have several options on our first day of Free Sailing. If we decide to sleep in Lakka again this night we might as well sail to places on the West side of Paxos. We already sailed up the East Coast of when we came from Gaios to Lakka on Day 4. There are amazingly beautiful spots on the West Coast with caves and unreal blue water. It seems that we will encounter other yachts and tourist at these spots. There is no towns to visit, so we will have to do all meals and snacking on the yacht.

One drawback of such an day is that we will go back via the same route to Lakka at end of the day. I have found a few links to photos on the web that also show a map next to them so that you can see the location of the picture.

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7,

Now the important factor here is that although it looks lovely, once you really have seen one of them, the caves probably all look the same. I think the water looks magic and it must be really nice to swim in but it does not look as if there are many beaches along this western side of Paxos.