As we need to sail to Corfu from Lekka on Day 6, which is a distance of around 60km. This distance could take us up to 6 hours. It could be prudent for us to make sure that we get a little closer on our Day of Free Sailing and either sleep in sheltered anchoring spot or a harbour of a town on the way to Corfu.

There are quite a few but the one that makes the distance about halve way is the Town of Lefkimmi. There is a harbour, not at town, but nothing a short taxi ride can not solve. The following is in our book.

“There is not much ashore at Lefkimmi Harbour, apart from a cafe & a petrol station. However, the town, which is half-an-hour’s walk away, has good selection of tavernas and shops.”

We could sail directly there or first go to the South Western coast of Corfu. This would give us around 35km to sail for the day.

The South Western Coast does not have caves but it does have beaches. Photo 1 Then we can round the Southern Tip of Corfu Island and here you can find the holiday resort of Kovos, unfortunately there is no harbour here. You can however anchor of the beach and go ashore with the tender.

Travelling a little further you find the Lefkimmi harbour. Once in the harbour it is about a 3.5km walk into the town of Lefkimmi.