Depending on our decision of where to sail on day 5 we would either have a 7 hour sail to Mandraki Corfu of a 4 hour sail to Mandraki Corfu.

If we have the long distance to sail there would not be a lot of stopping happening so I will cover only the shorter sail option as this would allow us to make some stops.

First is just to the North of Lefkimmi

Then at Petriti Pan

Little further North is Moraitika

Then there is the town of Benitses, it is in our book and we could get lunch there it looks to me. This is also the town in the world with some of the largest shell museums. This town looks like a must stop place to me.

Day 6 is still really undecided as there are so many variables. We would have to plan this day properly once we have some answers from the Flotilla Captain.

However we eventually will dock in Mandraki Corfu on the night of the 6th day and this is really some town. Lots to see and lots to do.

Lets start with some pictures of Mandraki Corfu. They are in the Gallery above and below is some links to information.

Information 1

Information 2

Information 3