There are several types of Greek eating establishments. Here are the most common so that you know what to look for if you want a certain type of Greek food.

An estiatorio is a restaurant that serves cooked foods from the oven called magerefta but it can also have grilled to order foods called tis oras, and even fish, as well as appetisers (mezedes), and salads. You eat in these places day or night. Some are only open in the day. A good example of an Estiatorio are the two restaurants side by side in the Plaka on Kydatheneon street called Byzantino and Plaka Taverna, which calls itself a taverna but isn’t. In both places you go in and look at the food. They do have taverna-fare: grilled meats, and they even have psaro-taverna fare: fish, but they are really just estiatoria that take advantage of their location to have everything. A more traditional example would be the Iepirus restaurant at the meat market which is a working class estiatorio that is open 24 hours a day and serves patsa and podi. A higher-end example might be Diros or Delphi near Syntagma. Sometimes a restaurant will invent a word that describes what they are. For example in Kea, theKalofagon Taverna in Hora that serves grilled food and oven dishes calls itself a Oinozythestiatoriaon which means a wine and hot food restaurant.