psistaria is a grill house where you get spit-roast lamb, steaks,kokoretsi, grilled or rotisserie chicken as well as salads and appetisers. You can even get lambs heads. Psistarias are more common when you get out of the city because you need space, and you also need to be in a place where the smoke from your grills is not going straight into someone’s apartment. So you have several areas like Vari which is a town between Voula and Varkiza where there are dozens of psistarias and the smell of cooking meat fills the air. Other areas where you can find psistarias are on Mount Parnitha, north of Athens and in the area called Kalivia which is past the airport on the road to Lavrion. In neighborhoods that have a large platia (square) you may also find a psistaria or two. There is one in Platia Victoria called Pat Cute, which is a commercial sort of fancy psistaria-souvlaki shop. There is another in Psiri on Agios Dimitrios street that is a combination psistaria-souvlaki shop. If you take the road called Ethnikis Anditassis towards Kessariani there are a couple psistarias at the edge of the city. Some psistarias will specialize in a certain cut of meat or type of grilled animal but they will all have some variety.