This is in distance the longest day, however the wind should be from the back, so it could be an easy sail. There is lots of places to stop along the way and we could get of for lunch or just make it on the yacht. We would be well stocked in Parga so probably would make lunch on the yacht.

This could also be a route where we encounter a lot of big ferries, so a sharp lookout would be the order of the day. By now everyone should be comfortable in helming the yacht and life should be easy.

Due to the long day I do not foresee us in making long stops. We would have to pass through the channel just south of Preveza and depending on the flotilla leader this could be alone or in a group like ducklings.

After a long day on the water and seeing that we have a Free Day on day 11, Vounitsa better look out, the yacht has docked and the sailors are let loose for a Wild night in town. Although this seems to a small town, but then again so is Langebaan and it has been known to me that some of my crew actually go quite wild in small towns.

I found this interesting piece on Dolphins in Vonitsa, wonder if it is still ongoing? More Information

So far just a few pictures of this route, I will add to this gallery