This day we have a short distance to go. We can hug the coast and explore many little bays and beaches. Lunch maybe in one of them.

We would have to stock up in Parga as Day 10 is the longest day of sailing.

Here is some information on Parga of the web

“Parga is a picturesque small town on the north-western coast of Greece, in the area called Epirus.

Parga town is situated in a sheltered bay and its houses climb the mountainside from seaside to the top

Parga is surrounded by mountains covered with olive groves. The wonderful nature of Parga, her history, her harmonious natural beauty her picturesque bays, the golden beaches, the flowers, the green colors from the olive and orange trees and the endless beaches have constituted her as the jewel of Epirus and a place of attraction for Greeks and foreigners  and its only a breath away from the Preveza – Igoumenitsa highway.

Parga is a positive surprise. It is a small town on the mainland with an island-feeling to it.

Here you can enjoy the real Greek food, and the local people are very nice. There are as many Greek tourists as people from elsewhere in the world. Wintertime Parga has about 2.500 inhabitants, while during tourist-season are many more.

With the nice town, the harbour and its restaurants, the nearby beaches and the good food, Parga is worth a visit.

It is a quiet and relaxing place, not for those who want a lot to do and having a party but for those who want to relax and take it easy and to make trips into the mainland and some of the nearby islands like Paxos and Antipaxos. The big island of Corfu is also not all that far away.

Parga was declared a tourist region in 1962.” Read more here and here

Pictures below sort of along the route from Sivota to Parga

100 things to do in Parga