Official Definition : The dining and social room on a yacht, The living area on a yacht.

Now some of these pictures are of the type of yacht that we are going to sail on, some of them are not. In the Saloon we have our dining table, some stowage places along the sides. We also have the galley in here where we can make some nice things to eat and coffee etc etc.

The “Pole” is also here, actually the mast come right through the deck and goes all the way right down to the keel. Whether this will be used in other ways, only time will tell.

The Navigation station is also here, we will do some of our planning here in oder to avoid ending up on the rocks, which I decidedly think is BAD.

Now as we all would use this area, it would probably be a good idea to keep this reasonably tidy. This is also the space where we can play a few hands.